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Women's Studies Journal

Women's Studies Journal
2011 - 25:2

Special Issue on Difference and Diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand


Connecting women in the age of difference: Re-thinking gender in twenty-first century Aotearoa New Zealand
Maxine Campbell, Carolyn Michelle and Rachel Simon-Kumar, pp.2-8
Crossed cultures
Renee Liang, pp.9-10
Mana wahine: Decolonising politics
Naomi Simmonds, pp.11-25
'The samenesses and the differences': Representations of Māori femininities and sexualities in Ngahuia Te Awekotuku's short story collections Tahuri (1989) and Ruahine - Mythic women (2003)
Lisa Bach, Katharina Luh and Ulrike Schult, pp.26-42
Feminism and the mythopoetic men's movement: Some shared concepts of gender
Helen Gremillion, pp.43-55
'The auntie's story': Fictional representations of Māori women's identities in Witi Ihimaera's The uncle's story (2000) from an intersectional perspective
Svenja Bingel, Vera Krutz, Katharina Luh and Anneki Müetze, pp.56-73
Differences that matter: From 'gender' to 'ethnicity' in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand
Rachel Simon-Kumar, pp.74-90
Research report
Heteronormativity at work: Stories from two lesbian academics
Lynne S. Giddings and Judith K. Pringle, pp.91-100
Graduate paper
Self-initiated expatriation (SIE) in older women: Exploring a different terrain
Barbara Myers, pp.101-106
Politics and difference
Anjum Rahman, pp.107-111
Book and film Reviews

Space, place and sex.
Lynda Johnston and Robyn Longhurst
Reviewed by Nadia Gush, pp.112-113

Purple dandelion: A Muslim woman's struggle against violence and oppression.
Farida Sultana and Shila Nair
Reviewed by Leen Al-Hadban, pp.114-115

My wedding and other secrets: A true story of women of Asian diaspora in New Zealand.
Roseanne Liang
Reviewed by Arezou Zalipour, pp.116-118

Women’s Studies Journal, Volume 25 Number 2, December 2011. ISSN 1173-6615